Urgent earthquake recovery needed in Türkiye

SMEs in need of support

On this anniversary, we pay tribute to the resilience of Türkiye and its communities following the devastating earthquakes. One year later, the challenges persist, underscoring the ongoing need for support. Estimates suggest that over 150,000 SMEs have been severely affected. Collaborating with partners and donors, we remain dedicated to supporting long-term economic recovery. As Türkiye stands united in remembrance, we acknowledge the strength of its people and remain committed to sustainable recovery amid ongoing challenges.

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€375,000 grant support to SMEs

Recognising the urgency of the situation, SPARK collaborated with the Needs Map and the Regional Reconstruction and Development Center (RRDC), established within the Chambers of Commerce. With funding from the European Union, we provided €375,000 in grant support to 40 SMEs hit by earthquakes, helping them to return to their economic activities and create employment opportunities. The grant support is being distributed through RRDCs in Adana and Gaziantep, with the additional opening of two new RRDCs in these locations.

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€1.1 Million Loan Guarantee Project

To support SMEs affected by the earthquake, we initiated a loan guarantee project to facilitate their access to loans, which became notably challenging in the post-earthquake era. Through this four-year loan guarantee project designed to secure bank loans for SMEs in the 11 provinces affected by the earthquakes, we aim to ease access to loans totaling 1.1 million euros. A few months after its launch, 46 SMEs have already benefited from loans totaling 460K euros, highlighting the immense need for this support.

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