March 14, 2022

Supermodel, Adriana Lima visits graduates in Lebanon

Showing solidarity with the people of Lebanon, Adriana Lima, expressed her appreciation for Education Above All for providing education and employment opportunities for the most vulnerable youth.

Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima, recently visited Lebanon with Education Above All, a Qatari foundation supporting humanitarian and development projects in the country. 

Since the 2019 economic collapse and huge explosion at the Beirut port, people in Lebanon have been suffering from fuel, electricity and food shortages, massive inflation and many thousands of people have left the country.  SPARK and Education Above All have been working together since 2015 to support vulnerable youth, including Syrian refugees. 

During her short trip last week, Adriana Lima visited some of the students and business-owners that were affected by the blast and have been supported by SPARK and the Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme, a programme by Education Above All.

Meeting with a group of Lebanese and Syrian graduates of SPARK and Al Fakhoora scholarships, Adriana enquired about their future plans. 

“I want to become an influencer and draw attention to the challenges young people are facing in the Middle East,” said Bushra Daas, a Syrian journalism graduate living in Beirut. Ahmad Al Sharbaji, a computer science graduate, discussed the challenging job market in the country. “Before COVID-19, remote work was not as common as it is now. We are now able to work remotely for a company in the United States. We are hopeful about the future,” he noted. 

Overlooking the site of the port explosion in Beirut, Adriana Lima expressed her appreciation for the efforts by Education Above All in providing higher education and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth in Lebanon.

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