Burundi’s economy has been recovering slowly in the wake of the civil war, ethnic tensions and a dictatorship. The subsistence farming economy was greatly reduced after the war, which has led to millions of people being food-insecure and reliant on foreign aid. SPARK’s work in the country focuses on boosting entrepreneurship in order to create sustainable jobs in the agricultural transformation and non-agricultural sectors.

“These charcoals are made out of rubbish!"

Salomon Ndizeye creates charcoal blocks from waste products, which preserves the natural woodland and manages waste. SPARK coached Saloman and co-financed the construction of a processing unit to help him get his affordable product to market. Salomon has created 24 permanent jobs for young people in his community.

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Opening pathways to employment

  • 10123
    Youth Trained
  • 463
    MSMEs Supported
  • 1026
    New Businesses
  • 4647
    Jobs Created