August 30, 2023

Street art murals in Amman celebrates entrepreneurs with sustainable missions

To celebrate entrepreneurs united by their passion for creating green solutions, SPARK and the Qatar Fund for Development have launched the ‘Entrepreneurial Vision, Sustainable Mission’ campaign. Wall murals in Khalda and Jabal al-Weibdeh inspire green thinking, fostering innovation and economic stability through green practices.

The theme of this year’s International Youth Day was dedicated to enhancing awareness of green skills among youth, enabling them to channel their abilities towards a sustainable world. SPARK is committed to enhancing the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities of youth, including women and refugees, living in fragile and conflict-affected regions, particularly within the green sector. 

Since 2016, our team in Jordan has been actively collaborating with implementation partners, universities, decision-makers, and donors. Together, they have been dedicated to working alongside students, entrepreneurs, and Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with the aim of promoting environmentally friendly practices within their businesses. Additionally, they have been equipping youth with both the technical expertise needed to effectively utilise green technologies and processes in their professional environments, and the diverse skills that encompass a variety of knowledge, values, and attitudes. These comprehensive skills facilitate the adoption of environmentally sustainable choices in both their work and personal lives.

In celebration  of International Youth Day, SPARK and the Qatar Fund for Development launched an advocacy campaign called ‘Entrepreneurial Vision, Sustainable Mission’, as part of the Economic Resilience programme. The campaign focuses on supporting Jordan’s strategic plan to create 31,000 green jobs through the transition to a greener water sector and the promotion of sustainable practices in agriculture.It was important to us to make the essence of our campaign visible to everyday individuals in the country, so we also chose to communicate its messages through two wall murals placed in vibrant neighbourhoods of Amman. We collaborated with skilled Jordanian artists to bring our message to life through art,

This month, we unveiled an impactful mural in the Khalda neighbourhood. The mural features  one of SPARK’s green entrepreneurs surrounded by key messages relating to the campaign, such as “Environmental equity,” “Save the planet,” “Innovation,” and “Green Entrepreneurship”. Beyond its artistic impact, the mural serves as a reminder of the world of possibilities which comes with sustainable entrepreneurship.  

The street mural in Amman's Khalda neighbourhood. © SPARK, 2023
Creating a mural is a multi-stepped process and can require special equipement. © SPARK, 2023
One of the artists adding some finishing touches to the mural. © SPARK, 2023
The proud artists in front of their creation. © SPARK, 2023
The mural has both livened up and blended into the local landscape. © SPARK, 2023

The  second mural is located  in the Jabal al-Weibdeh neighbourhood, depicting a woman holding symbols in the palm of her hand. These symbols  represent the power of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies that are in the hands of sustainable entrepreneurs. The prominent use of green throughout the mural illustrates the importance of creating a greener world.

The street mural in Amman's Jabbal al-Weidbeh neighbourhood. © SPARK, 2023
The mural has added colour to the journey of the everyday commuter. © SPARK, 2023

In addition to the use of murals to spread awareness, we have used our social media platforms to disseminate information about what youth can do to promote environmental sustainability and how a green economy will benefit future generations. Moreover, we have collaborated with our partners in Jordan to assist newly established and enthusiastic startups in transitioning towards sustainable practices. These collaborations promote innovation, open up new market opportunities, and contribute to a shift towards green practices, which will nurture entrepreneurship, generate employment, and contribute to economic stability.

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