January 31, 2023

Electronic applications allow patients to find the nearest right doctor and scarce medicines

Despite challenges, Safa Ramadan made use of her medical education to develop a mobile application meant to provide Libyans with easier access to education.

As the Middle East and North Africa region faces mounting challenges, young and innovative entrepreneurs are stepping up to provide technology-based solutions that can improve the lives of many. 

One such entrepreneur is Safa Ramadan, a medical student who, at just 22 years old, recognised the difficulties that Libyans face in accessing healthcare services, including a shortage of medical personnel, equipment and medicines. 

Determined to find a solution, Safa decided to create a mobile application that would provide accurate information about the availability of medicines in pharmacies across Libya and make it easier for patients to book appointments with doctors and access ambulance services. However, creating the application was not without its challenges. Safa faced difficulties with electricity shortages and blackouts, as well as a lack of digital support and experience in the administrative field.

“The idea was there and it was getting bigger day after day in my head but I was not able to identify from where I shall start executing it,” said Safa.

Safa Ramadan getting feedback from users of your health app

Feeling overwhelmed, Safa put her project on hold, especially with the lockdown that came with COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I was kind of desperate, then saw on Facebook that SPARK and BINA Business Incubator are holding training sessions in Tripoli for young entrepreneurs and thought, this is it! This is what I need: tools and skills to go further with my dream!”

Through the Tadamon programme, funded by the Islamic Development Bank, Safa participated in training sessions that made her learn how to secure seed funding for her project, manage it effectively, and assess risks. This training enabled her to take her project to the next level.

Today, Safa’s mobile application, called yourhealth, offers a variety of services to users, including the ability to quickly request an ambulance, search for specific medicines and their availability at local pharmacies and track vital health readings.