April 30, 2023

Our unique supply chain model is a game-changer for farmers and consumers alike

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Taghamuta Agro, a youth-led entrepreneurial venture based in Tunisia, is making waves in the agricultural sector by addressing the challenges faced by farmers and consumers. Founded in 2020, Taghamuta has established a supply chain that involves purchasing products from local farmers and transforming them into high-quality consumer goods.

Growing up in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, Dhouha Azri witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by local farmers in a community where agriculture was the backbone of their livelihood. This inspired Dhouha to pursue a degree in Agro-Alimentation and become a force of change in her community. Along with five other passionate young people, Dhouha founded Taghamuta Agro in 2021, a groundbreaking venture that has transformed the agricultural landscape in Tunisia.

Taghamuta Agro’s unique supply chain model purchases produce directly from local farmers and transforms them into high-quality consumer goods. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture, preservation of traditional crops, and responsible use of natural resources has resonated with customers looking for ethically produced and environmentally conscious agricultural products. Through their dedication to ethical and sustainable practices, Taghamuta Agro has become a trusted name in the industry and a major producer of organic goods, leveraging Tunisia’s agricultural potential to promote the use of organic products and reduce reliance on additives in food.

Taghamuta Agro’s success is not only measured by their business growth, but also by the positive impact they are making in the lives of farmers, workers, and consumers alike. For the founders of Taghamuta Agro, this is a dream come true. 

Dhouha and her team joined the Local Employment in Africa for Development programme (LEAD), financed by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they received a series of training in business planning, administration, human resource management, legislation, and financing resulted in scaling up the business and creating job opportunities for Tunisians. 

Taghamuta Agro was able to expand its brand and product range beyond its initial focus on olive oil through personalised coaching and workshop sessions. This allowed the company to diversify its offerings and improve relationships with suppliers, leading to increased customers. The positive impact of this expansion on the Tunisian community is reflected in the creation of six new job opportunities, an increase in the team size from five to eleven full-time employees, and the provision of internships for Tunisian graduates. “We feel proud when we open a new vacancy and we consider creating jobs as a factor of our success,” says Dhouha.

According to Dhouha: “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.” At Taghamuta Agro, this commitment to quality is apparent in all areas of the business, including sourcing and production processes. As a result, Taghamuta Agro has established a loyal customer base that values the company’s dedication to ethical and sustainable practices, transparency, fair prices for farmers, and high-quality products, which are known for their traceability and authenticity.