November 14, 2021

Our products will reach every home in the world within ten years

They coincidentally met. Each working in a different sector. Suhaib is a software developer, Wael is an English teacher, and Mustafa is a technician. They were not friends, nor living in the same neighbourhood. But their passion for physics and innovation brought them together during an entrepreneurship competition in 2015. From there, they decided to launch their startup: Amman Shield Company, which designs space-saving furniture. 

“Life has changed; people can no longer afford large apartments. Also, in megacities apartments are usually small, so we think outside the box to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. That’s why we believe we are the future,” says Wael.

Their first product, a space-saving table, received high sales when it first became available. With the encouragement of their friends and families, they developed their business further. However, they still needed additional support as they have no experience in management, exporting and marketing.

“As CEO of Amman Shield Company”, says Sohaib, “I am always interested in developing our products, So, I am always searching for opportunities. The opportunity with SPARK was the one we were looking for for a long time.” 

SPARK’s Jobs and Prospectives programme, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has supported the company with customised coaching and training sessions by SPARK’s partner, IGIT, which taught them marketing practices, exporting requirements and financial management. 

“Exporting is the most hectic process we have been through. We are not familiar with the paperwork nor the regulations, but we believe we will expand soon, and we will be able to export easily with the coaching sessions we receive. We are in contact with many customers in the Middle East and North Africa region, and we aim to enter every house in the world in 10 years from today.” Suhaib says. 

The company relies on social media to market their products through Facebook and they aim to kick off their website soon. They are working with global investors and companies to export their products and services.

In recent years, downtown Amman has suffered from flooding due to heavy rainfall. Sohaib, Wael and Mustafa decided to use their skills to support the community. They designed portable walls to protect commercial and residential facilities from the danger of floods. The company name stems from this product. Amman Shield Company, with its small workshop and three dedicated and creative entrepreneurs, is a pioneering startup with ambitions to deliver smart furniture solutions worldwide.