September 12, 2023

SPARK’s Statement on devastating floods in Libya

DERNA, LIBYA - SEPTEMBER 11: Anadolu Agency

SPARK is deeply saddened by the extreme weather conditions in Libya that have devastated cities and led to the tragic loss of many lives. Storm Daniel reached Libya’s northeast causing two dams to collapse, which flooded many areas, including the worst-hit city of Derna.

Many people have sadly lost their lives and thousands are still missing. SPARK’s condolences are with the families of all those impacted. 

Since 2012, SPARK has been working in Libya with an office in Benghazi, working with several partner organisations and supporting Libyan youth to build startup businesses and grow small and medium-enterprises. It is heartbreaking to witness the destruction of many people’s hard-earned livelihoods and careers as a result of this devastation.

We are monitoring the evolving emergency situation and are coordinating with our partners to assess the damage that has been caused. Thankfully all of SPARK’s staff and partners based throughout the affected region are safe but many have lost their homes, experienced injuries and lost loved ones. Understandably, our planned activities are paused for now because of this.

We continue to be grateful to the authorities, national and international humanitarian aid organisations that are providing their much-needed expertise to help the affected communities at this time.