April 30, 2014

SPARK Supports Kosovar Companies in Trade Fair

Foodrex trade fair 1Under the Trade Facilitation Serbia Kosovo project, SPARK helped four companies from Kosovo to take part in Food and Beverage Fair Foodrex in Belgrade, Serbia. They were joined by the representatives of Kosovar Chamber of Commerce. The fair lasted from the 15th through the 17th April.

Foodrex EXPO is a regional trade fair organized for the fourth time, focusing on trade and buyers of food and drinks. The fair presents premium food lines for all regional food and drink producers. These vary from large corporations to small to medium manufacturers.  The trade fair is mostly concentrated on Business-to-Business (B2B) activities. Special guest were representatives of African countries, namely Nigeria, Tunisia, Algeria. Four Kosovar companies that took part in the fair were:  

  • Liri, candy producer;
  • Pestova, producer of potato and snacks (chips);
  • ABI – Progres, production and processing of milk, fruits and vegetables;
  • Brendi, confectionary products.

This was a unique opportunity for companies to present their products outside of Kosovo and to demonstrate their capabilities for partnership and cooperation. SPARK organised and coordinated more than 20 B2B meetings, of which the results will be known in the near future. The contacts with Serbian companies should lead to further cooperation with most interest shown in the import of products from Kosovo as a means to improve their product lines.

Representatives of companies did not just talk with their Serbian counterparts, but also with representatives worldwide. Liri discussed possibilities of export to Nigeria and a Slovenian company showed interest in Pestova’s product line. The trade fair brought about the opportunity of some interesting business collaboratuons in the near future.