December 9, 2013

SPARK Libya Celebrates Youth Entrepreneurship Day

On the 20th November 2013 SPARK Libya celebrated Youth Entrepreneurship Day in recognition of Global Entrepreneurship Week, where high school students competed in a Business Plan Competition after attending a workshop conducted by SPARK trainers on the basics of entrepreneurship, that helped them develop an action and marketing plan for their default projects.

Students were divided into 3 groups of 3 different colors; Yellow, Red and Orange.  The Yellow team presented their cinema display project; the Orange team’s project was a furniture transportation company and the Red team’s project was a glass recycling business.  At the end of the day the jury chose the Red team as the winner, and awarded them with a prize.

“…they returned  hope for me, these are the real investments.

The Libyan Debate Club held a debate on the Contribution of the Entrepreneurship to the development of Libya. In the course of the  conversation,  one of the teams decided that  “entrepreneurs may have some difficulties in implementing their projects regarding the security issues.”  The proposing team remarked that “entrepreneurship will contribute to building the country and stability of the security situation.

Among the guests of The GEW Libya Youth Day were representatives from LBU, Benghazi Local Council, CESVI, CWSDM, Bokra Org, and many other related NGOs in Benghazi.

Mr. Ahmed Amer from Creative, who attended the event concluded: “they returned  hope for me, these are the real investments.