April 11, 2013

SPARK Joins New Online Portal for Development Organisations

The new site, is now online!

SPARK along with other organizations will provide their expertise and knowledge for Dutch entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in emerging markets.

Launched on April 10th during the Week of the Entrepreneur, by Lilianne Ploumen, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development,  Hans Biesheuvel, the Chairman SME Netherlands and Alexander Kohnstamm, Partos Director, the portal is seen as a collaboration between governments, development organisations, sector organisations and private sector.

‘Of course there are some snags in doing business in these markets’, says Partos Director, Alexander Kohnstamm, ‘but the chances are great and the local cost generally low. Moreover, the doors are often wide open for Dutch businesses. This is due to the lengthy development relationships that many of these countries have with us. It is important, that in addition to the investments in social sectors, that sustainable economic development is supported. This is in everyone’s interest: for people there but also for entrepreneurs here.’

SPARK’s contribution focuses on our Business Service Centres, that through the development of entrepreneurship among local youth in post-conflict regions, can be a valuable partner and great source of knowledge for Dutch entrepreneurs starting businesses in new markets.