March 17, 2014

SPARK is Looking for Migrant Entrepreneurs

ME Flyer -1

SPARK recently started the Migrant Entrepreneurship programme. We aim to find and train migrants in The Netherlands with a good business idea and entrepreneurial potential. They hold the potential for economic growth and job creation.

In the comprehensive training module (e-learning + classroom courses) participants will discover their entrepreneurial potential, learn about marketing & sales, develop their financial understanding all resulting in a sound business plan. With the support of professional coaches and local guidance migrants entrepreneurs can set their first steps of their business in their country of origin. Our focus countries are Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia, Ghana, Morocco and Surinam.

Are you the person we are looking for? Do you know someone with a great business idea?

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*Click here to download the Migrant Entrepreneurship Flyer