July 15, 2014

Expert Meeting: Advocacy for Business Environment Reforms June 2014

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On June 26th 2014 SPARK held this year’s first Expert Meeting – in a series of eight – at the Humanity House in The Hague. With a focus on Advocacy for Business Environment Reforms, the meeting brought together experts from various sectors, including two keynote speakers: Simon White (Managing Director of Southern African IDEAS) and John Zemko (Regional Director Latin America & the Caribbean at CIPE). With two keynote presentations and two breakout sessions for participants, the meeting gathered around 35 participants from the civil society and NGO sector, as well as the Dutch government and the private sector, and was moderated by Vin Morar (Enterprise Development Specialist, TSM University of Twente). The event fostered interesting discussions, outcomes and perspectives from various participants. A brief report on the meeting and its outcomes is available for download below.

In 2014-2015 SPARK will organise a series of expert meetings around the subject of “Improving the Business Environment in Conflict Affected Regions”, designed to deepen understanding of the role of entrepreneurship development for stability in fragile and conflict affected environments, develop concrete tools with key development partners and place the importance thereof on the international policy agenda.


Report Expert Meeting 2014

Presentation Simon White

Presentation John Zemko

List of Participants