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Pathway for Higher Education in Türkiye

In partnership with five public universities in Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Mersin and Şanlıurfa, the programme creates an integrated pathway to higher education in Türkiye for Syrian refugees and vulnerable youth from the host community. 

With economic challenges and rising youth unemployment, Syrian refugees and host community youth in Türkiye need long-term prospects and job opportunities, which require market-relevant skills and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Youth receive scholarships financed by the European Union in market-relevant Bachelors and TVET degrees, as well as a wide range of employment support including social cohesion activities, employability skills, access to internships, job placements and support to aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their business ideas.

By working with university and higher education partners, SPARK contributes to updating, modernising and digitalising curricula, teaching methods and equipment for the long-term. Blended learning, for example, has been introduced at several universities, with SPARK providing lecturers and staff capacity building in blended learning techniques, as well as new equipment and tools to support the digital transformation.

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  • 5
    Partner organisations received capacity building
  • 10
    Curricula developed
  • 75
    Entrepreneurs received business skills training
  • 132
    Persons matched with an internship / traineeship
  • 194
    Persons who received employability training
  • 215
    Jobs created in supported businesses
  • 491
    Scholarship recipients graduated
  • 1210
    Youth enrolled in higher education through SPARK