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Market-driven Curriculum for Education and Jobs

Providing sustainable job opportunities to youth is essential. However, there is a clear lack of employees with market relevant skills in the Middle East and a gap between the curricula provided by educational institutions and the skills needed by employers.

Higher (vocational) education institutions need to fast track the development of curricula and courses, together with the private sector, that provide work-relevant skills.

SPARK works with a selected group of local institutions to revise those technical curricula in a way to best align with opportunities in the labour market for refugees, and host community members. The ‘skill up’ pilar provides alternative pathways for an increased interest in starting a business or better opportunity to prepare youth to find a decent job.

Our programme with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development aims to develop new curricula with entrepreneurship and internship components, as well as place 150 students into internships in Jordan and Lebanon. This is achieved through cooperation with the University of Jordan and University of Petra while the final beneficiaries are all their regular students.

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