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Jobs and Perspectives

Finding a stable job or starting a business is a huge challenge for young people in the Middle East, especially women. Cultural, economic and political barriers often affect young women’s ability to participate in the labour market or improve their job prospects.

With training and business support, the Jobs and Perspectives programme offers real job opportunities to refugees and host communities, with a strong focus on women, in Jordan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I).  

Hands-on activities, such as vocational courses in universities and internships, pave the way for the ambitious professionals to succeed. Besides skilling up the future workforce, Jobs and Perspectives supports the creation of more decent jobs by supporting already existing MSMEs and entrepreneurs. 

To ensure sustainable impact, all activities target the economic and social framework: social cohesion will be fostered by bringing refugees and host communities closer together and gender norms are challenged by creating access for women into male-dominated fields.

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