Active Programme

Food Security through Agribusiness in South Sudan (FSA)

Focusing on smallholder farmers, FSA supports youth and women in establishing new agribusinesses or expanding existing ones so that they may become more resilient, and improve sustainable productivity.

By working in close partnership with the local business service provider Premium-Agroconsult Ltd, we establish business support centers (BSCs) in each of the project locations. The BSCs are responsible for organising business plan competitions, collecting value chain and market information and providing overall support to the entrepreneurs of different value chains in rural locations. Value chains include maize, sorghum, groundnuts, cassava, cereal crops and fruits and vegetables, such as eggplant, okra, tomato, mango and papaw. 

BSCs will also source existing enterprises to offer business skills training and coaching, as well as collaborate with micro-finances institutions to enable easier access to finance. Rural Finance Initiative, Cordaid, SPARK and Agriterra are collaborating on innovative financing solutions for the challenging capital environment within South Sudan. 

Note: This programme is also known as South Sudan Agribusiness Development Programme (SSADP II)
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