Business Startup Centres Kosovo (BSCK)

In order to alleviate high youth unemployment in Kosovo, SPARK and its local university and governmental partners established two Business Startup Centres Kosovo (BSCK) in Pristina.

By assisting young people between 18-35 years with practical training courses, consultancy and accessible micro-credits those with viable business ideas, small businesses were given a boost.

As of 2008 this project was combined with a Private Sector Development project (PSD) to foster regional cooperation between ministries, government agencies, Chambers of Commerce, universities and business associations and companies in South-East Europe, to establish business-government-academia partnerships and to stimulate regional trade and economic development.

By working with local partner institutions and lobbying policy makers to ease or remove obstacles faced by startups and small businesses, SPARK helped develop a culture of entrepreneurship among youth.



Download the final programme evaluation report.

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