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In our dynamic world, time and technology are vital. The digital and gig economies transcend borders, creating opportunities for talent and innovation.


The Palestine Launchpad with Google aims to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and network to enter the global tech talent pool and become a top earner.

What we have to offer

  • Fully funded tech scholarship (Nanodegree)
  • Live virtual sessions with expert mentors
  • Career workshops from resume building to job interview preparations
  • Exposure to career opportunities
  • Networking with industry experts, local and regional employers, and peers
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Available scholarships

AI Programming with Python

Difficulty Level 2 out of 4

From machine learning fundamentals to neural networks and beyond, you’ll delve deep into the intricacies of AI development.

• Utilise programming tools like Python, NumPy, and TensorFlow.
• Understand applications of Calculus and linear algebra.
• Execute key techniques of neural networks, including gradient descent and backpropagation.

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Basic Python • Elementary algebra

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Intro to Programming

Difficulty Level 2 out of 4

Master web page creation with HTML and CSS, crucial for web development and design.

• Propel your career through practical projects, expert mentorship, and personalised feedback based on line-by-line code review.
• Create captivating web pages using HTML and CSS.
• Become a Python expert, mastering programming, debugging, and data manipulation skills.
• Acquire soft skills for software engineers and data analysts.
• Receive guidance from industry professionals and career coaches.
• Review your portfolio and receive guidance from expert career coaches.

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Previous education • work experience in a computer science-related field.

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Programming for Data Science

Difficulty Level 2 out of 4

Embark on a transformative data journey, mastering key tech skills to build your dream career.

• Conquer real-world data challenges, honing high-demand tech skills.
• Gain expertise in crucial programming languages: Python, SQL, terminal, Git.
• Showcase strengths to employers via portfolio review.
• Elevate LinkedIn profile for recruiters and hiring managers.
• Unveil a pathway to a thriving tech career, transcending language barriers.

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Previous education • work experience in a computer science-related field

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Front-End Developer

Difficulty Level 3 out of 4

Designed for computer science graduates, our Nanodegree Programme provides you with advanced web development skills:

• Propel your career through practical projects, expert mentorship, and personalised feedback based on line-by-line code review.
• Master responsive design using CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.
• Enhance UI with JavaScript and HTML, while seamlessly connecting to backends.
• Automate workflows with Webpack and optimise offline performance using Service Workers.
• Network with industry professionals to kick-start your tech journey!

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HTML layout | CSS styling | JavaScript coding | Debugging

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Introduction to Machine Learning (TensorFlow)

Difficulty Level 3 out of 4

Build, train, and deploy models for data-driven insights and predictions, from image classification to natural language processing.

• Gain practical experience through engaging projects and real-world applications.
• Use Python and SQL to access and analyze data from various data sources.
• Build predictive models using a range of unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques.
• Perform feature engineering to enhance the performance of machine learning models.
• Optimise, tune, and enhance algorithms according to specific metrics such as accuracy and speed.
• Compare the performances of learned models using appropriate metrics.

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Basic descriptive statistics • Python for data science • Basic probability • Linear algebra • Intermediate Python • Basic supervised machine learning • Multivariable calculus

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Data Analytics

Difficulty Level 3 out of 4

Access portfolio reviews, career coaching, and networking. Your profound tech career awaits. With this programme, you will:

• Propel your career through practical projects, expert mentorship, and personalised feedback based on line-by-line code review.
• Master Python’s commanding libraries – NumPy and pandas – for data prowess.
• Decode real-world data complexities, fuelling transformative insights.
• Craft Matplotlib visuals, spotlighting your expertise for impactful storytelling.
• Gain industry feedback, unlock portfolio reviews, and refine your skills under expert guidance.
• Access career coaching, tailor your path for success.
• Network, connect with industry peers, and open doors to opportunities.

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Inferential statistics • Basic Python • Elementary algebra • Basic SQL • Basic descriptive statistics

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What is the Palestine Launchpad with Google Scholarship?

The scholarship covers the entire Nanodegree learning journey with Udacity, along with personalized career coaching, mentorship from industry professionals, and support to help participants land a job. The program aims to enhance computer science skills and training opportunities within Palestine to strengthen the local tech ecosystem.

Who is eligible to apply for this programme?

Residents of Palestine with a background in computer science are eligible to apply. The program welcomes participants of all experience levels, from beginners to intermediate learners. Applicants will be filtered by their assessment score to determine their eligibility for the learning track they have applied to.

Can I apply to multiple Nanodegrees at once?

While you can apply to multiple opportunities, you will only be accepted to one of them. This will automatically be the Nanodegree for which you score the highest assessment score. You cannot switch Nanodegrees once accepted.

What are the benefits of participating in this upskilling program?

Participants gain access to high-quality learning resources, mentorship from industry experts, and potential career advancement opportunities within the tech industry.

How can I apply for the Palestine Launchpad with Google Scholarship Programme?
Applications can be submitted online through our website during the open application period. Visit Apply Now – Palestine Launchpad with Google and select the track that interests you the most.
Is the programme free?

Yes, this is a free scholarship opportunity. There are no hidden fees or costs.

What kind of learning resources are provided during the programme?
Participants have access to online courses, tutorials, mentoring sessions, practical exercises, projects, personalized feedback, career coaching, and placement support to kickstart their careers in tech.
Is the programme online, hybrid or in-person?

The programme is fully online, with optional onground events.

Will participants receive any certification upon completion of the programme?

Yes, participants will receive an internationally recognized Nanodegree certificate from Udacity.

What is the time commitment required for the programme?
Participants are expected to dedicate 10-15 hours per week to online learning and attend weekly virtual sessions with Udacity Session Leads.
Will there be opportunities for networking and collaboration with peers?
Yes, participants will have networking opportunities with peers, mentors, and potential employers through events like career fairs, study jams, and more.
Are there specific technology areas or languages covered in the program?

The program covers popular programming languages, tools, and technologies relevant to computer science and software development. Specific curriculum details are available for each Nanodegree program.

When are the application deadlines and program timelines?

Applications for the current cohort has closed. The programme is set to commence on October 12th and will span a 4-month learning journey, followed by support in job placement.

What our graduates have to say

“The Palestine Launchpad programme provided the skills and support I needed to successfully switch from industrial engineering to data analysis ”

Yasmin Kandil, Scholarship graduate
What our graduates have to say

“The Palestine Launchpad programme provides structured online courses, offering hands-on projects, mentor support, and flexible learning for essential data analysis skills. Overcoming barriers like limited access to formal education and tech job opportunities ”

Baker Abualhija, Scholarship graduate
What our graduates have to say

“The Palestine Launchpad programme significantly helped me upskill. I learned the importance of self-marketing, an aspect I used to overlook. The programme provided the organisation and structure I needed, which was previously lacking in my approach ”

Sondos Aabed, Scholarship graduate
What our graduates have to say

“The Palestine Launchpad helped me use the acquired skills to apply theoretical concepts in practical projects ”

Usama Al Zayan, Scholarship graduate

Why Join the Palestine Launchpad Programme

The leading tech scholarship programme in Palestine, developed to get your skills ready for 2025 workplace and beyond
Nanodegree Programme

Dive deep into tech fields with the Nanodegree® programmes, a unique online educational experience, high-quality curriculum designed to bridge the gap between learning and career goals, and to provide you with recognised credentials.

Specialised Career Support

Beyond technical skills, access one-on-one career coaching to help you achieve your career goals, and find the right job for you through exclusive job fairs curated by the program.

Real-World Projects

Work on real world projects and sharpen your existing knowledge through learning about the latest tools being used within the industry.

Industry relevent skills

Enhance in-demand tech skills through a learning journey that combines online classroom learning with offline community events!

Palestine Tech Community

Connect with industry experts, potential employers, and peers in a virtual environment, & become a driving force in Palestine’s tech ecosystem.