June 21, 2023

Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan patronises Startup Roadshow in Amman 

Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness, Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan, and with the participation of His Excellency, Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of the Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, SPARK and Jusoor organised a startups Demo Day in Amman. This esteemed event is a prominent platform for Jordan’s top 10 startup finalists that are part of the Startup Roadshow 4 by Jusoor and SPARK. The 10 startups pitched their startup ideas in front of a judging committee, investors, and regional business incubators and accelerators and competed for seed fund prizes.

On June 20, 2023, more than 90 startups, investors, regional business incubators and accelerators and representatives from both the public and private sectors of Jordan welcomed Her Royal Highness, Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan. Her presence inaugurated the Amman Demo Day, which concludes the Startup Roadshow 4 competition, which has incubated an amazing cohort of 85 early-stage startups over four months. 

The event was opened by the national anthem of Jordan, followed by welcome remarks from Jusoor’s Head of Entrepreneurship, Dr. Ziena Abu-Dalbouh. “Since 2018, Jusoor has strategically partnered with SPARK to support the most vulnerable youth to start and grow their businesses. I would also like to warmly welcome His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of the Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, for his effort supporting the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship sector and for joining us today.”

The ceremony included a keynote speech delivered by His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of the Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, in which he stated, “During periods of crisis, champions are forged, and amidst challenges, entrepreneurs rise.” 

During her speech, Dr. Alexandra Chen, the Interim Executive Director at Jusoor, emphasised the significance of backing innovative concepts in order to address the difficulties encountered by communities. “The world of Entrepreneurship is one of the most hopeful and exciting spaces of working with youth, where everyone involved must hold both great courage and great faith.”

Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow 4, which is part of the Skills Training Education Programme (STEP) implemented by Jusoor and funded by the Islamic Development Bank, Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Foundation, and SPARK, commenced in late 2022 and featured a series of in-person hackathons spanning multiple days, countries, and cities. The journey began in Jordan, specifically in Amman and Irbid, and then extended to Lebanon, covering Beirut and Tripoli.

The hackathons served as a unifying platform, bringing together entrepreneurs from Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. These events provided invaluable training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, laying the foundation for the participants to engage in the incubation phase of Startup Roadshow 4. Furthermore, these gatherings facilitated meaningful connections and collaborations among like-minded individuals and potential partners.

The Roadshow empowers entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality. Throughout the journey, participants received more than 670 hours of comprehensive training sessions, including technology tools and mentoring. Throughout Jordan and Lebanon, 263 entrepreneurs and 108 ideas and businesses were involved. 

From the 108 ideas and businesses, the top 10 teams were selected to showcase their companies at the Demo Day on June 20th in Amman, competing for cash prizes. The first-place winner received $7,000, the second-place winner received $5,000 and third place winner received $3,000.

First Place Winner – Watr

WATR is an innovative online platform that revolutionises water delivery by seamlessly connecting customers with water tanker drivers. Their smart application enables customers to conveniently request the nearest water tanker, ensuring timely and efficient delivery. Simultaneously, tanker owners can expand their business opportunities by finding regular clients through the app. With advanced features like tank location tracking, estimated arrival time, transparent pricing, and convenient payments, WATR aims to streamline water tanker services, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in water delivery operations.

Second Place Winner – Tadwer

Tadweer is a leading waste management company specialising in diverse waste collection and recycling. Their user-friendly mobile app enables individuals and establishments to conveniently request recycling services and schedule pickups. Through efficient sorting, we prepare waste for recycling and incentivize users with redeemable points for services and products. By driving waste reduction and supporting a circular economy, Tadweer aims to create a cleaner, greener future for Jordan.

Third Place Winner – File in Tab

File in Tab is a startup revolutionising the management of newborns’ medical history records. Their digital solution provides an efficient way to archive and track a child’s medical records. With their user-friendly application, parents can easily access and store their child’s information securely and conveniently. By simplifying the process, with aim to empower parents in providing better care for their newborns. The platform allows for seamless uploading and retrieval of medical records on any device, ensuring accessibility at any time. With File in Tab, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child’s medical history is organised and readily available whenever needed.

The 10 top teams showcased their projects to the judges, including Luma Fawaz, CEO of Oasis500; Abdulrahman AlJiffry, Accelerator Manager at Kaust Innovation; and Mohamad Mouawiya, Programme Officer at SPARK. Additionally, a panel discussion was also held to cover “Venture Finance Post Incubation.” Panellists included Luma Fawaz, CEO of Oasis500; Abdulrahman AlJiffry, Accelerator Manager at Kaust Innovation; and Mojahed Akil, CEO of Joaan App. 

SPARK is proud to continue the strategic partnership with Jusoor over years of impactful programmes to support the youth through offering means to facilitate entrepreneurship and higher education. “At SPARK we extend our congratulations to all the entrepreneurs enrolled in this programme, not just the winners. Through the years, SPARK has observed that success in establishing and sustaining businesses is not limited to the winners alone but extends to all individuals involved in this remarkable programme,” Mert Canturk, the Regional Programme Manager at SPARK. 

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