Higher education curricula and career centres become stronger and give youth access to market-relevant skills and entrepreneurship training.

In most fragile countries where SPARK operates, higher education systems encourage youth to obtain credentials or certificates rather than practical skills or market-relevant knowledge and experiences. Therefore, there is often a skills mismatch between young graduates and the labour market. To address the shortcomings of education systems and prepare youth for an increasingly digital job market, women youth and refugees are equipped with entrepreneurial skills tailored towards the digital economy. 

SPARK provides youth (18-30 years) with scholarships for studies relevant for the local labour market and training that boosts their employability skills, such as digital skills, soft skills and languages. We have partnerships with local universities to develop curricula promoting entrepreneurship. Together with our local partners, we also provide technical skills training for jobs at Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning and coding (including UI & UX design) which are in very high demand. 

We measure impact in terms of the number of students graduated and whether students found a job within 6 months after graduation. 

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