July 5, 2024

New Türkiye Scholarship Programme for International Students

SPARK is thrilled to introduce the Scholarship Programme for International Students Resident in Türkiye

Introduction to the SPARK Scholarship Programme

Purpose and Objectives:

The scholarship programme offered by the “SPARK” organisation aims to empower international students residing in Türkiye to access high-quality educational opportunities. The programme seeks to enhance the academic and professional capabilities of students by providing financial support, skills training, and economic empowerment activities.

Importance of the Programme for International Students in Türkiye:

The scholarship programme provides international students in Türkiye with valuable opportunities to receive education in an advanced academic environment. The programme offers financial and academic support, enabling students to focus on their studies and achieve their career ambitions.

Scholarship Details:

The “SPARK” programme offers monthly scholarships, including:

  • 1000 Turkish Lira per month for vocational school students.
  • 2000 Turkish Lira per month for college students.
  • 3000 Turkish Lira per month for students in human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

Additional Support Provided:

The programme provides additional support, including skills training, social cohesion enhancement, and economic empowerment activities to help students develop their personal and professional skills.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be born on or after January 1, 2000.
  • Applicants must have graduated from high school or be set to graduate in 2024.
  • Applicants must not be currently enrolled in any Turkish university.
  • Applicants must not require a preparatory language year.

Scholarship Priorities:

Priority is given to individuals with disabilities, females, refugees, and students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

Application Process

Application Steps:

  1. Fill out the online application form via the link: Application Form.
  2. Submit supporting documents such as graduation certificates, ID, and any other required documents.
  3. Submit the application before the deadline.

Important Dates:

  • Application start date: June 27, 2024.
  • Application deadline: July 12, 2024.
  • Phone interviews: July 13 to July 30, 2024.
  • Results announcement: August 1 to August 7, 2024.
  • Contract signing: October 1, 2024.

Contact Information:

For inquiries and support, please contact: 05364371705.

Selection Process

Evaluation and Selection:

Applications are evaluated based on academic criteria, socio-economic status, and the specified priorities for targeted groups.

Selection Criteria:

The criteria include academic performance, financial needs, and community contributions.

Maintaining the Scholarship:

To maintain the scholarship, students must uphold a certain GPA and submit their grades at the end of each semester.

Programme Impact

Expected Outcomes and Benefits for Scholarship Recipients:

The scholarship helps recipients achieve higher education, enhance their academic and professional skills, and achieve economic stability.

Contribution of the Programme to Education and Economic Empowerment for International Students in Türkiye:

The programme promotes education and economic empowerment by providing sustainable educational opportunities and financial support.

We invite all eligible students to apply and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Application Links and Additional Information

For applications and more information, please visit the SPARK’s website and follow social media channels for updates.





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