July 10, 2014

MITROVICA SUMMER UNIVERSITY 2014 starting tomorrow!

MSU14In partnership with Student Parliament and local University, SPARK is organizing the seventh edition of the Mitrovica Summer University 2014. MSU14 will be held in Mitrovica North from the 11th until the 25th of July. In the two weeks, students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and earn 3 to 4 ECTS on the following topics:

  1. EU Integration / Western Balkan Accession
  2. Economy / Entrepreneurship
  3. Environmental Protection
  4. WEB Design

In total 100 students will be participating in MSU14, of which 50 are students from the local University, 15 students from other South East European countries and 35 students from other parts and outside of the EU. The lectures will be held at the Faculty of Technical Science. Apart from intensive learning, students will get the opportunity to join cultural events and excursions which in turn will give them the chance to socialize and extend their network.

We wish you all the best and a memorable time in Mitrovica.

Your MSU 14 Team