Turkey is home to the largest number of displaced Syrian refugees at approximately 3.7 million. Yet Turkey’s welcoming stance towards Syrians, means that sustainable employment or starting a business in the country is possible for many. We work with aspiring Syrian entrepreneurs to develop their business plans, provide training and access to finance. Similarly, we partner with many higher (vocational) education institutions in Turkey to provide study opportunities for Syrian refugees and local Turkish youth. Courses are based on local labour market needs and the skills needed for rebuilding Syria in the future.

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“رائد اعمال في المهجر، عامر قادري”

رائد اعمال في المهجر، وثائقي قصير يسلط الضوء على قصة عامر قادري، مؤسس USTA OL، وهي شركة ناشئة تقدم حلولا للطلاب والموظفين الغير قادرين على ايجاد الوقت لتحضير الطعام في المنزل من خلال تجهيز المكونات الأساسية لوصفات الطبخ وارسالها جاهزة للمنزل ليقوم الطالب او الموظف بتحضيرها مباشرة. تحتوي كل عبوة للطهي في المنزل على المكونات الدقيقة اللازمة لإعداد وجبات معينة وتأتي مع تعليمات مصورة. يسلط الفيلم الوثائقي الضوء على التحديات التي يواجهها رواد الأعمال في المهجر والدعم الذي يحتاجون إليه.

Featured story

“Entrepreneur in Exile: Amir Alkadri”

Entrepreneur in exile, a short documentary, depicts the story of Amir Alkadri, the founder of USTA OL, a startup delivering pre-packed meal boxes in Turkey. Each cook-at-home package contains the exact ingredients needed to make particular meals and comes with illustrated instructions. The documentary highlights the challenges entrepreneurs in exile face and the support they need.

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“Back home, sellers are unwilling to sell to me because I am a woman.”

For any business, making connections and establishing networks are crucial to access suppliers and potential customers. This is even more important for refugee entrepreneurs, who face many additional challenges. SPARK, with financial support of the European Union, supports business owners to better access market opportunities through exposition visits. The benefits of expos are strongly felt by female entrepreneurs, as Nesrin testifies during a visit to a textile expo.

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“Mohammad is like a brother from another mother.”

Meet the founders of İkiz Gen Mühendislik (Twin Gene Engineering), who are the embodiment of a successful business between host communities and refugees in Turkey. Zakkour and Gündüz established their engineering company in 2018 and benefited from SPARK’s programme to grow and expand.

Featured story

““محمد هو اخي الذي لم تلده أمي””

تعرف على مؤسسي شركة İkiz Gen Mühendislik (شركة التوأم الهندسية)، الذين يمثلون تجسيدًا للأعمال التجارية الناجحة بين المجتمعات المضيفة واللاجئين في تركيا. أسس زكور و جندوز شركتهما الهندسية في عام 2018 واستفادا من برنامج SPARK للنمو والتوسع.

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