Turkey is home to the largest number of displaced Syrian refugees at approximately 3.7 million. Yet Turkey’s welcoming stance towards Syrians, means that sustainable employment or starting a business in the country is possible for many. We work with aspiring Syrian entrepreneurs to develop their business plans, provide training and access to finance. Similarly, we partner with many higher (vocational) education institutions in Turkey to provide study opportunities for Syrian refugees and local Turkish youth. Courses are based on local labour market needs and the skills needed for rebuilding Syria in the future.

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“We were about to shut down the business”

Anwar, a 30-year-old Syrian entrepreneur from Turkey, managed to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. He is now employing five people in his product design company.

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“I learnt from my failure. I will keep working.”

Despite failing in her first startup that designed and manufactured electronic boards, Syrian Economics graduate, Maryam, is working on her next business idea with an incubation programme by SPARK and BINA.

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“Turkish/Syrian-owned company producing ventilators”

Syrian and Turkish founders of İkiz Gen Mühendislik (Twin Gene Engineering) are now supporting the battle against COVID-19 by building ventilators.

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“Syrian student testing for COVID19 in Gaziantep”

Bekri Kehlavi, a Syrian medical laboratory student, is spending his evenings standing on the highway checking the temperature of travellers entering the city of Gaziantep. Kehlavi is part of a medical volunteer group that is monitoring the number of coronavirus cases in the Turkish city. 

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“Whichever country I am in, I should be doing something significant”

Aya fled her home of Aleppo in 2015, leaving behind her dreams of studying Architecture. With a scholarship to learn in her native Arabic tongue at the University of Gaziantep, she is on track to completing her Bachelor's degree this year.

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