Tunisia’s economy has struggled to keep up with its increasing youth population. The National Institute of Statistics in 2017 found that the higher the level of education obtained by Tunisian youth, the less likely they were to be employed. With support from local partner organisations, SPARK is working to counter this phenomenon by developing Tunisia’s private sector through entrepreneurship training and support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Similarly, by developing modules on entrepreneurship for Tunisia’s higher education institutes and training university lecturers, we aim to decrease reliance on public sector employment.

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The cosmetics and soap mill, Olpha Soap, in Kairouan produces organic products using local sources. Ola, 28, realised the innovative concept after being enrolled in SPARK's training and coaching sessions. Olpha Soap received startup capital that will be used to increase production and refine the variety of scents.

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  • 1594
    Youth Trained
  • 64
    Internships Provided
  • 55
    MSMEs Supported
  • 928
    Jobs Created