With around 1.4 million Syrian and 75,000 Iraqi refugees living in Jordan, unemployment rates in the country are high. Despite this, around 70% of the workforce is employed by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which means the potential for growth is strong. With help from local partners, SPARK provides higher (vocational) education opportunities to Syrian and Jordanian young people, and is bridging the employment gap for graduates with a strong internship programme connected to private sector companies. SPARK is also supporting SMEs to grow and expand, creating jobs for the next generation of youth.

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“Our products will reach every home in the world within ten years”

Three innovative and creative entrepreneurs put their talents together to found Amman Shield Company, which designs space-saving furniture. “Life has changed; people can no longer afford large apartments. We think outside the box to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable." The Jobs and Prospectives programme, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has supported the company with customised coaching and training sessions.

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“I do not want the next generation to leave the land”

Meet the woman creating rural employment through her village’s rich agricultural history. Elham Alabbadi is on a mission: to combat urbanisation and encourage other young people to see their futures within the agricultural sector. Jordan’s food security may depend on it.

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“I always worried about failing”

Coffee-fanatic, Ramzi Marji, had always dreamed of owning his own coffee company. COVID-19 gave him the push to start his entrepreneurial adventure. Customised coaching and mentoring helped him set measurable goals to work towards, and now his cold-brew coffee is the talk of the town.

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“I invested in myself so that doors would open, eventually.”

“It never crossed my mind that I’d be leaving Syria,” said Noor Jouma’a. At 24, she could not anticipate having to leave her country in the middle of her university studies to start a new life in Jordan, along with more than 600,000 others.

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