May 25, 2016

Local Bazars boost female entrepreneurs businesses in Yemen

Yemen Bazaars 2016
Female dairy produce entrepreneurs in rural areas of Yemen have come up with excellent alternatives to promote their products in the face of the security situation in Yemen. One idea was to group together and take their products to different local events in near-by cities in order to boost their sales. So on the twenty-first of January 2016, a group of female entrepreneurs from SPARK’s economic empowerment training participated in a charity event in Altorbah city organsied by the local council. Since the completion of the trainings which the women received in January, a group of female entrepreneurs have been exploring ways to improve their market impact.

The idea paid off and the beneficiaries sold 60 bottle of Laban, a cooling yoghurt drink produced from natural milk, as well as powered milk and local cheese.  The general public was very happy with the products on offer:  ‘I really like the taste of the Laban and I can’t believe it’s homemade, I would recommend it to my family and my friends’ said Dr.Galal Almohamadi – a lecturer at Altorbah University. Others expressed a growing demand for locally produced goods: ‘I wish that we all support such local products to help vulnerable families in rural areas to secure a daily income’ said Ola Aldobhani one of the event attendees.

Following on from this success, the female entrepreneurs then participated in another event on the twenty-fifth of February, 2016 which was organized by the Change Is Our Aim initiative, an organisation which promotes women’s rights. The women took part in a local bazar which was held alongside the event and again, the public was very pleased with the quality of the products on sale, many thought they would definitely compete with national products available on the market. They encouraged the group to continue their marketing through bazars and exhibitions and invited them back. Some also asked for additional products such as yoghurt which is not currently available in the local market due to the security situation in Taizz.

SPARK then conducted a third bazar on the thirteenth of March 2016 alongside their dairy training closing ceremony, part of the ABC programme. Here 110 female entrepreneurs showcased their products to local consumers.

More than 300 people attended this bazar, including representatives from the local authorities, health officials, the private sector and universities. Within an hour, 70% of the locally produced Laban bottles were sold, and over two-thirds of cheese products were sold.

‘I would like to thank SPARK for organizing this bazar and for giving me the opportunity to present my product, I am extremely happy that I have sold all quantities that I produced and for attracting new customers. The bazar was a good opportunity to promote our products’ said Fathia Mohammed, a 28-year old women entrepreneur from Ash Shamayateen.