January 11, 2021

Largest competition for entrepreneurs in the Middle East is live!

The third Startup Roadshow, the largest competition for startups and SMEs in the Middle East, is now live! Having gone entirely digital, this year the competition aims to “leave no entrepreneur behind”. 

In a collaboration between SPARK, Jusoor and the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), the Startup Roadshow-Wired will make a virtual stop in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq to train up to 4,000 audacious entrepreneurs in our Entrepreneurship 101 Bootcamp, with the chance to win up to $60,000 USD in prize money.

The bootcamp offers participants to access a world-class network of mentors, tailored training and in-kind business support. 50 participants who successfully complete the bootcamp will be selected for the Roadshow Incubator, which includes 12 weeks of advanced training, incubation and mentorship. Those 50 will then have the chance to pitch their business ideas on Roadshow Demo Day and battle it out for cash prizes of $15,000 for first place, $10,000 for second place and $5,000 for third place winners.

Although COVID-19 restrictions have necessitated a digital platform this year, the same high-quality instruction is ensured, as well as the same potential to win life changing start-up capital.

For more information and to apply before 15th January 2021 visit:

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