December 19, 2019

Job fairs matching young people to jobs in Jordan and Tunisia

Bringing young people into jobs is a path of many steps. With different programmes in the Middle East and North Africa, SPARK lays the first cornerstone to boost young people’s future careers.

Often unemployment rates stay high, also for those who are highly educated. So how to ensure that graduates actually find a decent job? Feasible solutions are needed to smoothen the path from education to employment. Connecting job seekers and their future employers in the real life creates a practical link between vocational and academic education and the world of work.

During job fairs in Tunisia and Jordan recently, real matchmaking took place: a total of 750 job seekers gathered in Amman and Tunis to meet with over 50 company representatives. 


On the 4th of November, 500 Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth assembled in the halls of the Landmark Hotel in Amman, dressed in their most professional outfits, ready to kick off their career. On the day, more than 1,000 vacancies from various fields were on the table, matching the individual profiles and specialisations of each attendee. Those who were present not only showed their CVs to their future employers, they also were given the possibility to improve them. In different sessions resumes were revised and the best interview techniques rehearsed.

“By working closely together with the private sector we contribute to the economic and social development of Jordan.” (Haneen Khatib, Country Manager SPARK Jordan)

Students did not only get to boost their professional skills, but actual opportunities have been created: after this job fair all of the businesses will invite students from the job fair to follow-up interviews, actually improving employment in the region – for refugees and vulnerable youth.

Students during the job fair in Amman


One month later and 3,500 kilometers further west, SPARK Tunisia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, organized another successful job fair at the Higher Institute of Information and Communication Technology. 280 students from all over the country joined and made the job fair one of the largest of its kind in Tunisia.

Students during the job fair in Tunisia

The event capped 10 extensive days of training in which students improved their soft skills, such as professional presentation and interviewing. When the day finally came, the excitement in the room could be felt. The young people were more than ready to be interviewed by over 20 representatives from various sectors.

Successfully CVs were passed on, interviews conducted and future business relationships established. Drawing on its recent success, SPARK looks forward to holding another job fair next year. And this time for young students in their final year, so that they can directly jump into their new profession.

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