June 18, 2013

‘It’s none of your business! Or is it?’

SPARK donor, The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recently published a brochure illustrating civil society organisations’ work in developing countries, with specific mention to how CSOs are working with inclusive development.

Mentioned in relation to our capacity building in the local private sector, SPARK is pointed out as an organisation that helps local entrepreneurs with strategic positioning, selecting partners, client management and contract development.

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It’s none of your business! Or is it?

How business opportunities in developing countries are improved by civil society organisations

Inclusive development is high on the Dutch agenda for international development cooperation. Everybody, including women, youth, and marginalised people, should have equal opportunities to participate in the realisation of economic growth.

The private sector can contribute greatly to inclusive development. If people living in developing countries are given access to crucial services and markets, they are more likely to benefit as consumers, producers, business owners, employees, distributors and innovators. Local and international companies investing in these countries are key players moreover, in setting the standards regarding for instance labour rights, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and the inclusion of people with disabilities… read more