May 5, 2015

International General Fair Pristina 2015

SPARK, along with its local and regional partners, was recently invited to participate in one of the largest economic events held in Kosovo, The International General Fair Pristina 2015. Organised by the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce from April 29th– May 2nd, this is the 3rd time SPARK has participated in the fair and its role continues to grow more support every year.

SPARK showcased two businesses in the fair, one from Serbia and the other from Kosovo. Serbian company, L’adoro Collection from Kragujevac produces various types of socks and aims to enter the Kosovo market. The second guest was Kosovar owned business, Natyra from Stanishor- Novo Brdo which offers 100% natural healing herbs used for treatment of various diseases. Natyra hopes to export its products through third parties.


Through the fair, L’adoro Collection successfully identified their new partner from Kosovo and was satisfied with SPARK’s support as they emailed after the event, “Thank you for your hosting during the International Fair PANAIRI 2015 in Pristina. It was our pleasure to participate in such an event. You are a great organisation and just keep going!” In the future, L’adoro Collection have plans to start cooperation with LUX- TRADE from Pristina who specialises in trade of different textiles.


Natyra has used this opportunity to sell and promote their products.  Owner Ahmet Govori had the chance to meet Mr. Vezir Januzi, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture and share his products with him. Their stand also attracted a number of other influential guests including Memli Krasniqi, the Minister of Agriculture and Fatmire Shala the Minster of Trade and Industry.

The fair was a wonderful opportunity for both Natyra and L’adoro Collection to gain some exposure to promote their products as well as establish and identify new business partnerships and opportunities for the future of their companies.

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