March 11, 2014

IBCM Celebrates Opening New North Campus!

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On the 6th of March 2014, the International Business College of Mitrovica (IBCM)  was delighted to open its newly constructed North Campus. The local chorus welcomed the guests with the himn ‘Gaudeamus Igitor’. The opening was celebrated with a special inaugural ribbon cutting ceremony. Carel Brands from the Dutch Embassy of Pristina, Maria Melbing, the Head of Development Cooperation at the Swedish Embassy, Ian Cliff, the British Ambassador to Kosovo and Cristof I. Lang, the Deputy Director of Swiss Cooperation Office Kosovo were invited to do the honor. The building was inaugurated in the presence of the Director of Spark, Yannick Du Pont, Director of IBCM, Stephan Schandera, IBCM personnel and students and other national and international stakeholders involved.

“We offer Danish diplomas and German accreditation which means that we offer something for the future of young people in this region which has not happened before. I am proud that today we have 270 students…”

It was a joyous affair with lots of food, snacks and cocktails. Students from the Art School performed a comedy sketch during the event. Several local journalists joined to cover the event and ask questions about the expectations of IBCM in the future. All guests were taken for a tour around the premises. The new IBCM north campus will soon become a landmark in Mitrovica. The spacious 2000 square meter building includes a big front hall, a library with panorama view on the third floor and six class rooms.  SPARK’s Mitrovica office is also situated in the new building. More international organizations are expected to move into the offices on the third floor of the building. With full accessibility for people with disabilities and eco-sensitive and energy saving facility design, the new IBCM north campus meets the highest quality standards.

From now on IBCM will be able to accommodate its growing student population which now counts 270 students since its foundation in 2010. Another huge milestone after IBCM became internationally accredited and was licensed as a testing centre of the British Council. Established by SPARK in 2010, IBCM provides teaching to the highest European standards and is internationally accredited. The diplomas of IBCM are externally valued amongst the best in Southeast Europe.

 Watch the video coverage of the opening