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Pathway for Higher Education in Türkiye

SPARK organised a graduation and closing ceremony in Ankara, Türkiye, on the 14th of September for graduating students, during which the overall results were highlighted.

Through ‘An Integrated Pathway for Higher Education in Türkiye’ programme funded by the European Union, SPARK enrolled over 1200 Syrian and Turkish students in BA and TVET programmes to support them in their higher education journey. In terms of gender distribution, 662 of the enrolled students are female which represent almost 55%. This year, we are proudly celebrated the graduation of 305 students from our partner universities ie. Gaziantep University, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University, Şanlıurfa Harran University, and Mersin University. As part of this programme, we are thrilled to contribute to the higher education ecosystem and youth in Türkiye through blended learning, summer courses, social cohesion between Syrian and Turkish students, employability skills and entrepreneurship support.

As the programme has reached its final stage, we organised a graduation and closing ceremony in Ankara on September 14, 2023 to recognise the success of our graduating students and celebrate the outstanding programme results.

Besides the keynote addresses and panel discussions, the event will include a startup space with booths with entrepreneurs supported under the programme, a multimedia corner with exhibition of photos from programme activities and videos of beneficiaries. The event will conclude with the graduation ceremony for students.

The event featured panel discussions that focused on key topics such as empowering youth through higher education, inclusive employment, entrepreneurship, and SPARK’s collaboration with universities. Professors from partner universities and representatives from organisations like UNHCR, United Work, and KUDRA provided valuable insights and shared their experiences.

During the programme, entrepreneurs presented their work and prototypes in the startup space throughout the day. In a multimedia area, attendees and graduates explored a photo exhibition, videos, and an interactive interface showcasing past programme activities.

Afterwards, SPARK graduates received their certificates, followed by a cap-throwing ceremony. The event concluded with a concert by the programme’s alumnus, Ibrahim Moslemani, and his team, providing an enjoyable finale for all.


Keynote Sessions
Coffee Break
Panel Discussion: Empowering Syrian and Host Community Youth through Higher Education
Interview with SPARK Graduates
Panel Discussion: Inclusive Employment and Entrepreneurship in Türkiye
Interview with entrepreneurs
Coffee Break
Panel Discussion: SPARK's Impactful Collaboration with Higher Education Institutions
Closing Remarks
Graduation Ceremony

Speakers and Panellists

Abdullah Eren

Abdullah Eren was born in 1984 in Istanbul. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Boğaziçi University...

Prof Dr. Erol Yaşar

Professor Erol Yaşar, born on February 25, 1969, in the Erdemli district of Mersin, completed his undergraduate studies...

Peter de Ruiter (Keynote)

Peter de Ruiter has a strong affiliation and broad experience with International Business in the Netherlands, EU and...

Jeltsje de Blauw

Jeltsje de Blauw, is working as SPARK’s Deputy Regional Programme Director in the Middle-East. Based in the regional...
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