April 28, 2015

Business in a box programme: Entrepreneurs Wanted

Calling all aspiring, innovative Rwandan entrepreneurs!

We see that many entrepreneurs don’t survive the first year of start-up. Incubator programmes are very helpful in addressing this problem; entrepreneurs who follow such programmes generally have a higher chance of success.  Its impact however is limited. An incubator programme could be even more successful if it offered more business specific support. Solution Single Spark and SPARK have partnered up to offer aspiring entrepreneurs a supplement to the generic incubator programmes. This new found innovative support comes in the shape of a box. A Business-in-a-Box is a module based on successful businesses in other countries which are feasible and could be implemented in Rwanda. It provides a step-by-step outline explaining how to start a specific or particular business. Business-in-a-box is a great module for an incubator programme, providing extra support and a tailor made approach for each individual entrepreneur.


– Have you always wanted to start your own business?

– Perhaps you have already started something, but want to grow or start a new business?

– Do you think you have the personality it takes to build a successful business, and grow it?

– Perhaps what is stopping you is that you haven’t yet come across that amazing business idea yet and something innovative in your business?

– With a small push and some support you think you could make a business which flies?

– Are you interested in starting or expanding one of these business;

Mushroom Growing, Meat Processing, Paper packaging factory, Poultry Faming/meat + eggs, Tile making, Brick making, Pig Farming,  Hospital/playground equipment production, Mobile milling Service, Beekeeping and Honey production, Innovative Branding with Laser Cutler, Lunch service/mini Lunch in office?

– If you answered yes to most of these questions – click on the link below to download the application form:

– For more information about the programme, download the brochure below: