May 6, 2015

Building an economic bridge between East and West


Together a dynamic group of IT entrepreneurs and representatives from the Innovation Centre Kosovo, USAID programme and Kosovar IT association STIKK embarked on a journey to Berlin from 20-25 April to catch the #STIKK2Berlin delegation. Supported by SPARK and GIZ, the event was organised by STIKK in cooperation with Capgemini Consulting.

Through #STIKK2Berlin representatives from Kosovo aimed to build the brand of Kosovo’s IT industry and identify business development opportunities. The delegation opened up a platform where IT entrepreneurs and experts alike could establish strategic partnerships with IT associations and institutions as well as incubators and accelerators. A unique networking opportunity, participants were able to learn from each other and exchange their experiences and knowledge of IT entrepreneurship, market intelligence and innovation.


STIKK organised meetings with a number of companies including Bundesverband Deutsche Startups, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH for EEN, Apps World Germany and ITO Forum Germany to name a few. During the meetings, potential partners presented themselves and explored future joint business opportunities. The delegation created a space for informal match-making and networking for IT entrepreneurs and start-ups. In turn, the group was able to present and share the Kosovo IT industry with their German hosts. While in Berlin, the delegation also met with Kosovo’s ambassador in Germany where they discussed ways they could better bridge economic opportunities between Kosovo and Germany.


After the delegation in Berlin came to and end, on the 27th of April, Vjollca Cavolli (Executive Director, STIKK), Bardh Kadiu,(Program coordinator, STIKK), Zana Tabaku (CEO, Appdec) and Mentor Sahiti (CEO, Adaptiv IT) went to Vienna to attend the 3rd edition of International Software Days. There the networking and joint learning continued as they met and discussed with companies from all around the region and Europe participating in the event.