January 11, 2014

BSC Academy 2nd Training Weekend: Campaigning!

Maarten van Heems and Erik van Bruggen from the renowned campaign agency BKB in Amsterdam travelled to Monrovia to train participants of the first BSC Academy on campaign and communication skills.

Known for their engaging campaigns in the Netherlands, BKB has been providing global training on political campaigning for years, but has more recently taken on training youth in a more broader context.  In the following article (Dutch only),  Maarten van Heems reports on their findings and experiences during a lively and inspiring weekend at SPARK’s BSC Academy.


Hoe word je ondernemer na 14 jaar burgeroorlog?

“De ‘All Liberian Peoples Party’ gaat de corruptie in ons land uitbannen.” Oretha Doegar (34), student ‘Business Education’ aan de ‘University of Liberia’ zet hoog in met haar fictieve partij. Maar de reacties van haar medecursisten zijn genadeloos... read more