June 8, 2017

50 Bright Palestinian students receive scholarships

In the beginning of April, SPARK held an awarding ceremony in Palestine for 50 promising students who have been enrolled, earlier this year, in a four-year scholarship programme called Dynamic Futures. This is a pilot programme offered by SPARK and Al-Fakhoora in Palestine and in collaboration with three local universities – Birzeit UniversityPalestine Ahliyya University and Palestine Polytechnic University.

The ceremony was held at the Caesar Hotel in Ramallah with about 160 attendees. Academic scholars, representatives of international donors and local partners, and of course the proud parents of the 50 students were among the audience.

Three representatives from the three partner universities opened the ceremony with their keynote speeches. They all stressed the importance of such initiatives in Palestine; to offer the youth the necessary tools and skills to rebuild their conflict-affected region and positively contribute to their communities.

During the ceremony, SPARK revealed a testimonial video that features students from the three universities talking about their experience with the programme so far. In the video, Shireen Yacoub who is currently attending Birzeit University said “I was very happy to be awarded the scholarship because it will give me the support that I need to pursue my dreams, and become an active player in my community”.

Due to the unprecedented interest in the scholarships, the preparations for the next intake of students are already underway. The main focus of the Dynamic Futures programme is to continue to help shape confident, community-minded and professionally skilled youth.

Dynamic Futures’ objectives are in line with those of SPARK’s Higher Education for Syrians and Palestinians Programme, which currently operates within Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq/KRG and Jordan, offering scholarships to Syrian refugees and vulnerable youth from the host countries.


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