February 6, 2021

Apply now: Syrian and Turkish SMEs can access 30,000 Turkish Lira each

TÜRKONFED partnership brings together Turkish and Syrian SMEs to develop a culture of collaboration and increase resilience against negative economic effects. Applicants can receive 30,000 Turkish Lira each!

We’re delighted to partner with the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED), which represents over 40,000 private sector companies in Turkey. Our new project matches 25 SMEs operating in Turkey (whose majority partnership is Syrian capital) with 25 SMEs with Turkish capital.

The “Resilient SMEs, Strong Tomorrows” project, which is currently accepting applications – is supported by the Qatar Fund for Development. Matchmaking between Turkish and Syrian businesses will develop a culture of collaboration, and better equip them to respond to negative pandemic-related consequences and subsequent economic shrinkage. By matching these 50 SMEs, and providing them with needs analysis, business coaching and experience sharing, they will be better prepared to weather difficult economic conditions; while increasing social cohesion, promoting increased economic inclusion and livelihood development.

TÜRKONFED has previously worked with UNDP to create the world’s largest network to strengthen businesses against natural disasters and complex emergencies including particularly earthquakes, fires, floods and refugee crises.

The “Resilient SMEs, Strong Tomorrows” project is open to all SMEs that meet the outlined criteria, regardless of sector. Applications close on 26 February, 2021. Potential applicants can find more information about the project in English and Arabic.

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