October 23, 2015

74 Yemeni youth trained through SPARK’s ABC programme

SPARK recently held an agri-business training course for 74 Yemeni youth in the Al-Shamayateen district of Taiz. SPARK’s Agri-Business Creation (ABC) programme is designed to economically empower vulnerable youth, and as such SPARK was especially pleased that over 25% of the trainees were women. The farmland surrounding Taiz is known to be the most fertile in Yemen, and as such the development of successful agri-businesses in the region is particularly important.  23 years old Ahlam Al-Yousofi participated in the trainings, stating: “jobs are rare in the rural areas of Yemen, especially for women. The (ABC) project has restored my hopes of making a decent living by showing me I can begin my own business, and training me how to”.

The training sessions were organised by SPARK in partnership with Vision for Development, which also receives support from the UNDP. They comprised of 13 days of business management training on a diverse number of subjects. The youth learned about practical aspects of entrepreneurship such as time and self-management, and identifying and setting goals. After these basic more traditional elements were covered, such as developing business plans and marketing strategies, estimating profit and loss and assessing markets to name a few. The training also covered the environmental impacts which businesses can have on the land, an imperative concern for agri-businesses.

The participants expressed their appreciation and satisfaction with the Agri-Business training and the opportunities it enables. “I have always dreamed of starting my own business” said Fusran Yousif, a 28 year old trainee, “it means a lot to have had this opportunity, especially during these difficult circumstances. I hope that with my new skills I will finally be able to realise my dream of opening a beekeeping farm and producing honey.”

The training course concluded with a closing ceremony whereby all participants received certificates of completion of the training programme. Mr. Fahimi Al-Masani, the Al-Shamayteen council’s Head of the Community Participation Department attended the event. During his speech he acknowledged the effect that these projects will have on improving the standards of living for young Yemeni people by providing them with the necessary skills and training, and concluded that “in adopting particular working methods, the partnership between the public and private sectors and civil society institutions will be further enhanced.”

Taiz Agri-Business Training

SPARK’s ABC programme, which has so far reached 230 youth in Al-Shamayateen, has another training programme planned to take place later this October.